Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?

This is my lovely, old, red kitchen. I miss it. I miss the writing on the walls, the red-weathered cupboards and the colourful door handles.I am contemplating painting the new, crispy-white kitchen RED. Yummy Red Red.... maybe on a day when SHE has gone to town. I have already thought of what I can say when She walks in and sees it for the first time...."Hi, there! Are you seeing RED? You sort of look like Yosemite Sam when he gets mad!"
 I will make sure to have on my sneakers, so I can say it while running for the hills. 
Yes, I shall do it and it will be Red-iculously Red! 
On Sunday night we had a small dinner party (in the crispy-white kitchen...ooh,everything would have tasted better in red).
I made:* Toasted Peppered Crisps with Crab Souffle, * Salad of Lambs Lettuce with Grilled Pear, Dried Coppa, Parmesan Chips, Toasted pine Nuts and Honey-Balsamic Reduction, * Roasted Vegetable Harvest Rigatoni, * Zabaglione with Marsala Soaked Lady Fingers and Drunken Peaches
Lambs lettuce/Grilled Pear/Coppa Salad
SHE made: *Amaretto Chicken
Once a year She cooks. This is Her dish.
It IS gorgeous, but only takes 15 minutes. The talk and drama leading up to the great event is almost more entertaining than the chicken itself. It is such a massive gesture on her part, to cook this  dish, that I have to ignore the flour-covered rug and floor, the 7 dirty pots and pans She somehow ravages and the butter stains on the ceiling from the eruption that takes place when She sets the whole thing aflame before serving. I can NOT make suggestions, go within 5 feet of her or make eye contact. It is HER main event.
This once a year fowl-lapaooza is Her saving grace. If ever you ask us about the daily chores, She'll say, "OH, we share in the the cooking."  It is sweet and I am thinking that maybe next year I will sell tickets to her Chicken Eve. Maybe next year She can make Amaretto Goose......though I somehow imagine that after She reads this blog, MY goose will be cooked!

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LoriW said...

I'm starving and rather than walk downstairs and make myself something tasteless I've spent the last hour on the computer looking at food porn.. which brought me back to this post. Mouth-watering and scrumptious.

On a related note.. I'm hoping to explore more Italian recipes and was wondering where to start. Is there a particular cookbook(s) you'd recommend? or do you pick up all your recipes along your travels? thx!