Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soc-rafice Your Sole

                     Image: "Francine the Fish"  by Cara Kansala                                                                    
We are getting ready for our solo gallery show at the Historic Sites gallery on Water Street. I am working on so many different things at once, I don't know where my head is.....and Christmas commissions to, yahoo! Sock it to me, "To Do" list, I can take it!
Rose Nylund had a stellar week at the post office. Packages and treats from Taiwan and postcards from Ontario and Vancouver. She has decided to start a scrapbook that she will keep in her cottage (really, she just likes licking the glue stick) but she SO appreciates the letters and cards that people are sending. You are shining stars!
This morning I opened the sock drawer and looked at my holey, frizzle-frazzled, mismatched woolies and my feet sighed. Then I looked at HER shiny, smooth, conceited socks from Italy. They were giving me very snide looks and dared me to touch them. I did. Then I unrolled one pair and smoothed the two beauties out on the bed. They looked so lovely. I took out another pair. Stunning. Gingerly, I put on one of each. My heart was beating fast and my feet were egging me on. Not only am I not allowed to wear HER Italian socks, I am not allowed to wash them or put them away. EVER. They felt so amazing and my toes were singing for more time.
Just 5 more minutes. My feet were drunk on the Italian lovelies. I spent a few minutes admiring my toes, wiggling them around and doing little tap dances. I was going to put them back....Then the phone rang.
About and hour later She came into the kitchen and looked at my feet. I looked at them too. I WAS STILL WEARING THE DRUG SOCKS! I had been distracted by the phone and hadn't taken them off!!
Silently, I sat on a kitchen chair and lifted up my feet. She came over, and very carefully removed each sock. She didn't say a word - just removed them and disappeared into the laundry room. It is now 3 hours later and still not a word has been spoken about the "The Great Sock Debauchery of 2011".  Maybe She is going to bide Her time and get me back when I least expect it.....or maybe, the sheer audacity of the act itself, knocked HER socks off and She will never speak of it again........

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John TH said...

As a bona fide dyed-in-my-woolies sock expert, I can see both sides of this situation. Cara's feet yearn for the very best in sockdom, and indeed, carrying around so many ideas all day long, deserve it. Pam, having acquired the almost-very-best in sockdom (nothing beats Vickysocks) rightly desires to ensure that her socks are available whenever she needs them. Cara was a model of restraint and consideration in leaving Pam with a pair exactly like the one she borrowed. Pam now has a great idea for Christmas. Everybody wins!