Thursday, October 6, 2011

Isn't it Important to Keep Ones Horns Warm?

Rose is quite pleased with her new winter hat. She insisted it be pink, even though it clashes with Blanche's ear-muffins. I made it largish, so her horns would have room to grow. Not easy making up a goat hat that needs 2 ear holes, 2 horn warmers and side flaps that won't hide said goats sideways eyes. I can only imagine the stress that will befall me when she decides on her Halloween costume.

This morning......................
RING!RING! Telephone is RINGING!
Lovely Lady: Hello, is this the Grumpy Goat?
HER: No, just a minute please.
,,,,,,,and She passes me the phone.


Anonymous said...

Rose your look Marrrrvellloussss! Pink is your color! Where is Blanche, we want to see her ear muffins, are they pink?

Rose are you trick or treating dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, your lovely hat brings to mind that fairy tale?

rooee said...

Rose looks smashing!
Watch out for any Billy goats in the area, :)
Yes I would like to see Blanche's ear muffins as well!