Monday, December 26, 2011

If You Eat Your Hat, You Have No One to blame for Cold Ears but Yourself

The Goat House is looking goat-errific and SHE has had me start my packing. I don't think I have ever seen Her SO enthused before. She's chosen to halt work on the exterior and focus on the inside. Closer move-in date. Apparently, it will be SO fabulous painting up there, I will only need to come home in time to make Her dinner!

Rose's first walk in the snow. She actually yelled at us. She can't be mad at me about the cold because she ate her hat. I had to make things better by letting her and Blanche plan a house warming party for The Goat House. Wine will be involved.

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Claire said...

Rose has nobody to blame but herself and probably likes to complain anyway. Just stumbled across your site and really like the art! (and the goat!)