Sunday, November 6, 2011

No Flyers, Please.

"Old Tom Cat Always Loved Aunt Maggie’s  White Blanket With the Roses" by Cara & Pam For Sale at "THE GOAT WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS" Opening November 13th at 2pm at The Heritage Gallery, Water Street.

Last Tuesday.
I check the email.......local craft store is having a HUGE sale. HUGE I tell you! 50% off everything I need.
It is 11am.
ME: We have to go to St. John's NOW! Right Now! Craft store is having a sale from 11 to 1 today only! If we hurry, we can make it!! GET IN THE CAR!
Note: She is up the hill, hanging from the trusses of the roof She is building. She does not plan on leaving Her building today. Tools are out. Scaffolding is set. She is very busy.
ME: Please, come on, we'll be back soon....I HAVE TO GET TO THE SALE NOW!! It is over at 1!
Her: Can't we go after supper?
ME: No, SALE ENDS AT is only from 11 to 1!! PLEASE!!
HER: OK, I'll be in the car in 5 minutes.
Note: She is a shining star and drives like a maniac all the way to St. John's. I am planning my shopping the whole way. I make a route for the store. I map out where we will go first.
ME: We won't have to time for both of us to shop. You will get in line right away. The lines will be long. This is a BIG sale. I will fill the cart and meet you at the line.
Her: It is VERY strange that they are having a sale  from 11 -1.
ME: Oh, I think they do that all the time. I have noticed that before.
We arrive at the Craft Store at 12:55. I am panicked...only 5 minutes left.
ME: We are going to have to run. They might close the cash at 1pm for the sale. RUN!
We run into the store and I am shocked to see that there is no line. There aren't  many shoppers.
Her: There is no line.
ME: Nope.
Her: Let me see the flyer you read.
I hand Her the flyer that is in the cart.
Her: This says that the sale is today, Tuesday, 11/1. The sale is not from 11-1. THAT IS THE DATE!


Jude LeMoine said...

Oh dear! Did you get lots of bargains?

Lesley Ann Staples said...

I laughed...sounds just like something I would do.