Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dress for Success!!!

"Dreaming of Battle Harbour" by Cara Kansala 
Private Commission for the Battle Harbour Trust
Now that I am no longer working from home, I think I should shop around for some new work clothes. So many articles say that you need to “Dress for Success”. Since SHE is the one responsible for the change, you would think She’d get aboard the train to Stunningville. She says I don’t need any new clothes. Yesterday, as She was packing me up for work and pushing me out the door  (She even bought me a new back-pack and a big thermos so I don’t need to come into the house at all) She said I looked great, wished me a good day and said She’d see me at dinner. I think I at least deserve a new pair of rubber boots for the walk to work. At least.
P.S. I do not think it is very nice to send someone off to far away lofts with  giant thermoses of coffee and  bottles of water. Especially when said loft does not yet have a loo. Especially when they have to climb up and down a dodgey ladder wearing old clothes and tread-dead ancient rubber boots.
Accidents can happen. 
Just sayin’..........

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