Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free to A Good Home....(well, I say "good" but adequate would be fine....)

Free to any takers:
1 Large-Sized Artist/Carver/Carpenter (who requires 4 feedings day and IS litter trained)
5 Medium-Size Indoor Cats (who require 3 feedings a day and ARE litter trained)

Usually, I am the one in the Dog House but this week SHE took the cake. She took the cake, cut the cake, ate the cake and asked for more.
Today I was trying to do portfolio photographs, spent ages rounding up the cats, put them to beddies and closed their door.
ME: "Cats are locked away. Please don't open their door."
HER: "OK!"
2 minutes later.....
Photo Shoot is a disaster.

On Tuesday, we had a big meeting in town with clients.
Before the meeting, She and I had gone for a quick lunch.
I sat across from Her during this lunch.
She was looking at me the entire time.
She saw what I was wearing.
She even said I looked nice.
We went to our meeting and we all sat around the table.

HER: "CARA, your shirt is on inside out! I can't believe you put your shirt on inside out!!"

Lovely Clients: Smile at me.

ME: I am purple and suffering from the embarrassment. I give HER a look that says "When we get to the car, you are in SO much trouble. You. Are. Finished. No more meatballs for you. No more lovely cups of coffee handed to you in the morning. YOU, are in the Dog House."

Thank goodness the Lovely Clients are so very lovely and don't mind my inside-out shirt.
The meeting ends well and WE go home.
She was on probation until today but now it's the Dog House.
How much is that Doggy in the Window, you ask?
Free, I tell you! FREE!!

P.S. Don't laugh, Amber's Mom! Don't laugh!


Jude LeMoine said...

Ah, Pam, never mind. I'll take you in if it comes to that... if you don't mind living in The Dog House!

Cathy Tomm said...

I will take them and if they want to come to Alberta. Love your blog and art. thanks for stopping by my blog and following me along on my quilting and art.

rooee said...

we have a little room in our stable..

Wool garden said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I love your blog. I sneak by now and then and I love your stories and every time I see Rose, I want to get one. I"m part french Acadian and Irish and living with a Newfoundlander and it feels like home every time I read your blog sounds like me and him,lol.
I also voted for your blog