Monday, January 16, 2012

Hooray! It is not just me.

Image: "Rose and Blanche Love Looking Out their Window" by Cara * Acrylic on Canvas

HER: "Why is it called Rose and Blanche? Where is Blanche?"
Me: "Well, that is her tail. She was being shy."
HER: "Oh. I thought she was giving Rose a boost up to the window."
It is not just me.

Image: "The Ten-Armed Pirate Strikes Again..." Ugly Stick by Cara & Pam

During a stay on Battle Island (which is very isolated)
Me: "It's so dark here at night....I don't know what would happen if we were attacked by 10, armed pirates."
Lovely Friend: Looks at me with horror and dismay. I know what she is thinking because she thinks like me.
Me: "Nope. I don't mean pirates with ten arms each, just 10 regular two-armed pirates."
Lovely Friend looks very relieved.
It is not just me.

Saturday, Past:
We are getting ready for the Gower Street dinner party extraordinaire. I walk into the bathroom. SHE is ironing her shirt sleeves with my brand new hair straightener.
It is not just me.

Thank you so much to G&S and Lucy who were so lovely. The best cooks since time began who know just how much sauce to put in a boat.

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