Friday, January 6, 2012

If It Walks Like a Duck, It Must Be a Screwdriver

Image: Playtime Around the Bay...The Biggest Toy Box Since Time Began!!!
by Cara & Pam Hand-Carved/Mixed Media

We do a lot of mixed media in our work and I often need to drill and screw and sand things. For Christmas, SHE gave me a screwdriver. It is very curious indeed. It has all of the bits stuffed tightly inside and you have to do a Rubik's Cube kind of trick to coax them out. It is hard.
Today, She walked in and found me working away, screwing some pieces together for a picture.
"What are you doing? Why are you still screwing screws in with a butter knife? What do you think the screwdriver is for?" She hollered.
The vast number of possible answers to Her question was just too much to bear.
Sometimes, silence IS golden.
Blanche has been spending a lot of time up here, keeping a watchful eye over the yard. She says she'll keep us posted if anything interesting happens.


rooee said...

i can relate, i have quite a number of butter knifes with wavy ends! and my old boy is a carpenter by trade! haa

rooee said...

the toybox is splendid!

Anonymous said...

Blanche, What in heaven's name are you doing up there? How did you ever get up that high, did Rose give you a lift up? Where is Stanley?