Sunday, January 1, 2012

I've Been Dyeing to Say Happy New Year!!!!

Hooray! I have officially moved my painting studio to the new Goat House! We have a dining room and it works....we tried it today!
Scandinavian Vineterta with Marsala cream. Yes, Ma'm!
SHE made me wait while She went to get the camera. Proof, She said. Of the Badness.

Well,  the first day of 2012 is coming to an end. I woke up very early this morning after going to bed very late last night after what might have been the best New year’s Eve since time began. Oh, my dears, how you make me laugh! Today, we hosted the New Years Day brunch-a-lunch for the Darlings in our brand new dining room and a grand time was had by all though it was too bad that Lacey had to get back to Gander.
We had tortiere, minted cherry tomatos, blueberry fennel coleslaw, warm parsnip/potato salad with pancetta and for dessert, Scandinavian Vineterta.  Thank heavens to Betsy I made a meal that passed Her mustard, because I have to say, She was not impressed with me this morning.
This morning....(two hours before the Darlings were to arrive)
I decided to dye some napkins to match my new tablecloth. I completely forgot that I had promised never, EVER to dye anything in the washing machine again. 
SHE said that I was a disaster and INCORRIGIBLE and that if this was how I planned on starting the year, it was going to be a very long year indeed.
I said that the year is 2012 and if She was going to use words like INCORRIGIBLE and INDEED, I was going to move to PEI to live with Marilla Cuthbert herself.
Good thing we were able to get the dye out of my hands and the mess cleaned up before lunch. And after all that, I forgot to put the napkins in the dryer. Paper had to do.
Happy New Year!   

P.S. Thank you so VERY much to everyone who kindly sent packages and postcards to Rose, Stanley and Blanche for Christmas! Stanley even got a lovely letter and package from Spain from the lovely humans who rescued him while on vacation in Newfoundland. Rose loved her treats from Taiwan and they are planning a scrapbook for their cottage. Bless.

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Myrna Hynes said...

Seriously, you crack me up! haha! That's all...and Happy New Year :)