Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where Can You Buy A Fireman's Pole?

Image: "Dreaming of Battle Harbour" BEFORE

Image: "Dreaming of Battle Harbour (detail) " AFTER by Cara Kansala

The Lovely View from Way Up Here.....

She built me a studio, so blue and pretty,
It's quite bright and airy
There's room for a kitty,
She isn't quite finished,
The inside is bare,
And I'm in the loft painting
Without any stairs
I came up by ladder
By ladder I came
But She's taken the ladder,
And She is to blame
She is far away fixing some lights in a tree,
My ladder is missing
and I have to pee


Vicky said...

Talk to Pete Sobol about spiral staircases. He has one in his house/shop in Witless Bay that he installed himself. Pretty neat!

Or you could see if you could locate a strip club that's going out of business.....

LoriW said...

You can have mine. It was a phase. I'm done with it.

Jon Rector, editor of The Piglet Parade said...

I'm only a guy, but I think the first two comments miss the point entirely.

When my bride of 23 years says she has to pee - she means I HAVE TO PEE!