Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Artistic License is A Bit Worn Around the Edges but it Still Works.....

"Upper Island Cove- The Tiny Lime House by the Sea" by Cara Kansala 2012
Acrylic on Canvas * 4 feet by 3 feet

Upper Island Cove Sunrise...see, the sky IS pinkly!

Snow Day, Upper Island Cove
This past week, I decided that since winter clearly wasn't leaving, I would paint my own summer.
An artistic license. I have one. The photo isn't very good and I had to stand in line for a very long time to get it.There were endless forms to fill out and it cost more than I thought it would, but I have one now and I am happy.
On occasion, I have had to take out my artistic license to prove that #1, I had one and #2, I was allowed to use it. Some people who are a bit nervous about my purple whales and pinkly skies feel better when they know that I am indeed, certified.

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