Friday, February 10, 2012

For years I insisted I was Peter Rabbit's sister "Flopsy" and I still drink camomile tea every night before bed.

"Underneath the Stars" by Cara & Pam
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I have a quirky imagination. It often works the late shift, does over-time and is ALWAYS on call. If it had its’ own pager, it would be beeping. Constantly.

You can imagine, then, that when I read books - really, really great books, it’s like giving my imagination cotton candy cupcakes with gumdrops on top…..a sugary high like no other.
During a read, I drive Her insane. The characters become my friends, my buddies, my pals. I am living with them in their world and want so much to be able to pull them through the pages into mine.
“Should we invite Katnis and Peeta for dinner?” I’ll say.
“Sure!” She replies, until She realizes that these are not actual people with bones and eyelashes and toenails. They are characters from The Hunger Games book I am currently devouring.
“You seem worried. What are you thinking about?” She asks.
“Joan.” I answer.
“Joan? Do we know a Joan?” She says.
“She lives in her closet. Hardly ever comes out.” I say, distracted.
“Yes, but I am still a bit worried about her!”
Barbara Gowdy, you are awesome.
I nearly drove Her ‘round the bend while reading Annabel by Kathleen Winter….(one of my favourite books of all time, since time began). I fell so in love with the characters and went into a state of mourning when I turned the last page because the story was over. I wanted to move to Labrador.
Lucky ducks are the authors who get to hang out with their characters whenever they want. They can have pot-lucks and movie nights, quiet conversations over cups of tea and even go on road trips. They know all of their characters secrets. If I lived next door to a writer, I would definitively hope for an invitation to the get-togethers. Gardening and general yard maintenance would be a nightmare for them….”Hello, HELLO! Hello Kathleen! I see you are busy planting spring bulbs but I was wondering what Annabel is doing NOW?”
My head is bursting with all of my characters - friends I have made since I started to read. Raggedy Anne, Charlotte, Anne Shirley, Emma, Lisbeth Salander, Mrs. Noyes, the list is endless. I was introduced to them all, got to know them and still remember their names. Magic.
Also an avid reader, She and I have fabulous discussions about the books we choose to spend our time with. We read very different kinds of stories and maybe it’s good that we can’t really invite the characters over for dinner. Mrs. Danvers would have Diana Barry in tears by the second course.


Lienkie said...

This is awesome :)

To quote Dr Suess: "Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”

Love your blog

Susan said...

Have you yet had the pleasure of meeting Winnifred? Of "Come, Thou Tortoise"? Nuff said.

Penny Hanuszak said...

You paint such beautiful imagery and tales in your posts. It's like taking a holiday and living another life reading them. Thanks for sharing your whimsy.