Tuesday, March 20, 2012


   Frank and Ed were brothers
   Who searched the globe for cheese
   They sailed through gales
   Fought wind and hail
   Upon the Sunflower Sea
Image: "The Sunflower Sea" Cara Kansala * Water colour

I wouldn't say no to a piece of cheese
I love cheese. I love good cheese. 
SHE loves good cheese too.
In Montreal we discovered our darling Mimolette. Nope, not my long lost sister but the cheesy equivalent of my soul mate. 
Mimolette completes me.
We were standing in front of a very charming cheese shop when a very charming cheese man waved us in. He was the cheesy equivalent to Vianne Rocher in the novel "Chocolat".
He saw us coming a mile away. He offered us little tasty-fulls of this cheese and that cheese and when he knew he had us hooked, went in for the kill.  
With a slightly evil glint in his eye he offered  up the crumbly, orangey loveliness that is Mimolette. 
We both thought we had died and gone to Mimolette heaven. Oui! Oui! Oui!
"Mimolette, will you marry me?" I said.
"No!" She cried, "I will marry Mimolette!"
With an even evil-ler glint in his eye, the cheese man offered to cut a piece from the magic wheel for us to take home. That was when we saw the price. 
Three million dollars per 100 grams........(only the smallest of exaggerations). 
After a lengthy consultation and talk of re-mortgaging the house, we purchased a piece of Mimolette the size of a cocktail toothpick and carried away our cheese crack as if it were our first born.
When we arrived in Quebec City, our darling Mimolette was gone. 
The paper had been licked clean and I saw Her sniffing the sticker label with tears in Her eyes.
We had to have more. After a desperate search that possibly involved the theft of a phone book, a bribe and tripping an elderly woman  who might have been impeding our progress, we found a new cheese shop. 
This time, no idle chit-chat, tastings or pleasantries.
We begged the man to give us Mimolette! Vite Monsieur! VITE!
Looking back now, it was all very ugly. I think we are going to have attend the next C.A.A. 
meeting in our area. (Cheese-Aholics Anonymous) 
We are hoping that someone will bring hors d'oeuvres.
Mimolette and crackers perhaps?

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