Thursday, March 15, 2012

Your horse is also lovely.

Image: "Just Ask Edna" Detail ....Hand-Carved, Hand-Painted. This is one of my favourite pieces we have ever done. SHE hand-carved the rollers and hair pins out of pine and I hand made the pearl earrings and made Edna's hair out of brushed wool. Edna's "cheval" is gorgeous!

SHE thinks I should stop trying to speak French to the poor people in Quebec. SHE says it must be like a cheese grater attacking their ear drums. I think it is important to try and that I have done quite well. So far, there have been only two disasters that I am aware of.
#1. A bizarre but funny exchange with a woman who we think was trying to tell me she liked my hair, while I explained that I didn't have a horse, just a goat.(cheval-cheveux) You say potato, I say tomato!
#2. I wished Claude at our hotel a Bonne Lapin! "Lapin" sounds like "Matin". What's wrong with saying Have a Happy Rabbit?
SHE asked to me to please stop before I gave away our car or asked someone to dance with me in the street. Really? Would that be so bad?
Found gorgeous GORGEOUS gouache paints. Am forbidden from opening them in ultra fancy hotel room with twirly brocade curtains and real-live, squishy carpeting. C'est domage.

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