Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kenny Rogers Said it Best...."Know When to Walk Away, Know When to Run...."

The only thing that saved me today from imminent death was the fact that I was wearing Rose's rabbit ears and looked very slightly adorable. Three months ago, I moved my studio from the house to the new Goat House outdoors. I DID clean the now dining room for days....scrubbed the paint off the walls, ceiling and window trims and scraped it off the light fixtures. What I didn't do was scrub the floor. I was in a rush and threw a huge 8 x 10 floorcloth over it and until this morning, had forgotten all about it. This morning SHE decided that we didn't need a floorcloth in the dining room and took it up. I have to say, I can move pretty quickly when I have to. (I WAS wearing rabbit ears, so that might have helped with the speed though I swear I could hear Her hollering twice as loudly.) I spent the rest of the morning scraping the floor. Now I have Scrapers Elbow and Big Fat BooBoo has been giving me The Stink Eye all day for frustrating her darling SHE. I wouldn't say no to a bowl of brandied carrots. Well, just the brandy would do.

Image: The Dining room Floor. Now it is all shiny and perfect looking again. VERY boring indeed!
Image: "The House on the Hill" W.S.Oil on Canvas by Cara Kansala
There was far more paint on me than on the canvas when I finished up this one. She doesn't understand how I can make such a huge mess.....I don't either because I really do try to be good but it is just so very hard.

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