Sunday, April 1, 2012

Revenge Will Be Mine......

Image: BooBoo's Breakfast
Image: "Cat's Table" by Cara -Mixed media

Today SHE woke me up with a startling "THERE IS A MOOSE IN THE BACK GARDEN!!!"

I hauled my rubber boots over my flannel nightgown and ran out the back door like a Tasmanian Devil, sliding on my bum through 2 feet of snow down the back steps. I was expecting to see a 6 foot tall majestic moose nibbling on my ivy, antlers waving hello. All I saw was a tiny picture of a moose I had made years ago, propped up against the garden wall. This was the moose in the back garden.
I watched Her laughing at me through the sliding door as I walked back up the stairs covered in snow, holding my moose. Oh, She's gonna get it, I thought.
Then, She called out that BooBoo was at the table eating my breakfast and could I please hurry to scoot her off. She got me again.
I am not going to talk to Her for the rest of the day. She keeps telling me there is an iceberg floating down our bay, but I refuse to look. Three GOTCHAS in one day would just be too much to bear.

Image: The moose in the back garden.


Anonymous said...

Great blogs....and Great art work
love It............

Janet Davis said...

Dad got me with a moose-outside-the-house-april-fools when I was a teenager. I keep trying to play the trick on my own kid (human, not goat) but he's not nearly as gullible as I was/am.