Sunday, May 27, 2012

Is That A Piano in Your Driveway Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

There is a yellow piano in our driveway.
I know this because I painted it and put it there.
It has caused far more confusion and befuddledness than I ever thought possible.
This makes me very happy, indeed.
Here are a handful of the comments we have had in the past two weeks from dozens of different semi-professional piano commentators:
There is a piano in your driveway!
Did you know there is a piano in your driveway?
Who put the piano in your driveway?
How did the yellow piano get in your driveway?
What are you going to do with the yellow piano in your driveway?
Why is there a yellow piano in your driveway?
Can you play the piano?
Are you going to have driveway concerts?
Is the yellow piano for sale?
What happens if the piano gets wet?
What if someone steals the yellow piano!?

Some of these are terrific questions and I have come up with some terrific answers. My favourite thing has been sneakily watching people who think they are not being sneakily watched as they walk up to the yellow piano and pretend to play it like Rowlf  the Dog from The Muppets. Who knew it was so hard to resist a yellow driveway piano?
It seems to make people laugh and the songy sound of people laughing is the loveliest tune I know.

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