Monday, June 4, 2012

There Was a Little Girl Who Had a Little Curl......

Image:"Midnight Dreamers Too" by Cara & Pam * Private Commission 2012

This morning at 6:45 AM. SHE wanders into the kitchen before me......


Me:......I am thinking of all of the possible things I could have done to deserve such an outburst. Is She mad because I ate the last piece of strudel? Did I use up all of the milk? Is She upset because I left my  rubber boots in the kitchen instead of putting them in the shed? A very dramatic reaction to a rubber boot boobery, I think to myself.

HER: "What do you have to say for yourself?" She yells.

Me: Hmmmm......what DO I have to say for myself, I wonder. Clearly, She had Her heart set on a morning glass of milk and a stale piece of strudel. She is MAD.
I decide to face up to my very bad badnesses, haul on my furry slippers and cart myself into the kitchen to take my punishment. Then I see the best sight since time began.....a bad cat miracle! SHE wasn't talking to me at all! She was talking to Nana the cat (which is a fine thing to do if you live in Crazytown and are also the  
current mayor). It seems that in the night, Nana decided to do a little indoor gardening, bless her hairy heart!
Bad cat, Bad kitty, so bad.
Me: "Oh, that looks like quite the mess. How about I get the big broom from the shed...." (I sneak on my rubber boots without Her noticing) "....and I'll take out the garbage on my way....I threw out the last of the strudel last night by the way. It was stale."
Two out of three....
Me: "Oh yeah, I gave wee Blanche a dish of milk last night because she seemed sad and now we are out. Can you run to the store?"
This is going to be great day.

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