Tuesday, June 19, 2012

But Can Steven Tyler Melt Gold??

Me: What is Simon's job called again?
HER: He is a Goldsmith.
Me: Isn't there a band called Goldsmith? The one that plays that song Angie?
HER: No. And yes. The song they play is Angel. The Rolling Stones sing Angie. The band is Aerosmith not Goldsmith.
Me: So it has nothing to do with making jewellery?
HER: What?
ME: Being an Aerosmith.
HER: No, that is just the name of the band. You can't BE an Aerosmith. Steven Tyler is the lead singer. You used to listen to their music all the time.
Me: Angie?
HER: No, Angel.
Me: Hmmmm. I wonder if Simon likes Aerosmith.........

This year our guest artist is Simon Kerr - Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer extraordinaire! We are now fortunate  enough to be carrying a lovely selection of his one of a kind earrings, pendants and rings.
All of Simon's pieces have been created in his own workshop and are original designs, hand-crafted from sterling silver, gold and a variety of both precious and semi-precious stones.
We have both been huge fans of Simon's (he is a great friend despite the fact that he doesn't like Rootbeer) and his work for quite some time. Awesome fellow, amazing jeweller........so the next time you're in our area, do drop by and have a gander at his work!
Image Above: Sterling Silver Citrine Earrings Hand-Crafted by Simon Kerr 
Available at The Grumpy Goat Gallery

Image: "Levi Left the Gate Open Again" Acrylic on Canvas by Cara Kansala

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