Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Girl You're Every Rumen in the World to Me....."

Image: In the barn. Stanley and Blanche had almost memorized all of the words to "Making Love Out of Nothing at All".
Yesterday I was painting up in my studio when I saw Her coming up the hill. She went straight into the barn.
I thought She would be out all day.......
Because it was raining, Rose and Sophie were having an "indoor day" with music appreciation to keep them entertained. I couldn't find my crank radio so I put my new iPad in the barn and fired up the iTunes.
When She came out of the barn I could see She was not impressed...... sort of like when She realizes there are flax seeds in her Cheerios.
Her:  .....:.... She is holding up my iPad.    "Really?" She says.
Me: "Well, I did put it up on a safe shelf! It's fine isn't it?"
Her: "Oh, I don't care what you do with your iPad, it's yours!  But why oh why are you torturing the poor  goats and kittens with AIR SUPPLY?"
Image: "Itchy Got a Fish For her Birthday" by Cara


JohnTH said...

What's wrong with Air Supply?

foggiamle said...


My neighbors' animals listen to NPR all day long in the barn...they are well rounded and educated animals!

Emily from Iowa