Sunday, July 22, 2012

She Took the Cake and Ate it Two....

This morning (early) in the gallery.......
Lovely Lady is outside the gallery door frantically waving at her husband who is standing beside their car which is parked by the water a fair distance away.
Lovely Lady : "BOYD!!! BOYD!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?"
I have to say, all of St. John's and perhaps half of Corner Brook heard her.
I looked out the window as I quickly swallowed my last sip of coffee (and wondered briefly if I should chase it down with a mouthful of scotch). Lovely Lady was standing beside Horn#1 and was holding Horn #2 while reading it's label. "Honk Me"... she mouthed the words and put it down.
"BOYD!! They don't come to the door unless you honk the horn! Do you have the car keys? BOYD!!
By this time Boyd has returned to his car and is about to wake up most of Atlantic Canada so I quickly answered the door and Lovely Lady was able to stop poor old Boyd in the nick of time. Time would definitely have been nicked.
"Hello!!" said I.
Lovely Lady looked at me. Twice.
"Boyd!!!!! Boyd get out of the car! There's a woman here who's got pink hair and they've got squeeze horns for sale. BOYD!! Get outta the car!!"
Lovely Lady looked at the sign by the front door. The painting of me that says "Beware of Attack Artist".
Lovely Lady's comment took the cake. She took the cake, ate the cake and then got a second cake.
Lovely Lady:" So, did you get your hair cut and coloured to match this sign?"

I must say, I loved Lovely Lady and Boyd. They made my day. I realized that no matter how much I try to control my world, other people see and experience it differently. We're all bananas in a bunch but we've each got our own peel.
It was sad when they left but before they got in their car they told other customers who had just pulled up that they would have to honk their car horn if they wanted to get in.Then Boyd honked his horn as he drove away. Bless you Boyd. You made my day.

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