Thursday, August 9, 2012

As Cool as a Cucumber....

 Image Above: "! Let down your hair!"

Image Above: Private Commission by Cara Kansala , July 2012

The hottest, busiest summer since time began! Isn't it fabulous! This is the first time ever, since living in Newfoundland, that I have heard tourists complaining about the heat.
In the gallery....
Lovely Lady: Don't you have any air conditioner?
ME: No, we have the five giant windows in the gallery and the fan.That usually does the trick.
Lovely Lady: I am from Toronto. We all have air conditioners in Toronto. You know, you can get a small one that fits in your window. You could even paint it with flowers and things to match in here. Do you know how they work? You install them in the one window and just keep your other windows closed. You turn it on and the room gets very chilly...well, as chilly as you'd find comfortable.
ME: What a great idea!
Lovely Lady: Are you going to?
ME: Going to.......
Lovely Lady: Get an air conditioner and paint it?
ME: OH! Well, probably not. This extreme heat  isn't really the norm and I don't think we would use it very much. Also, we get quite a lovely breeze off the water most days.
Lovely Lady: My husband is the distributor for a company that sells commercial air conditioners. I'll give you his card....or I can take yours and he can contact you.
ME: Um......I really don't think we would ever need one really, but thank you SO much for thinking of us. We're really quite fine with the summer breeze and fresh air. I really like keeping the windows open.
Lovely Lady: Well, I'll just take your card.......

The gallery door flings open. In comes SHE.
SHE is hot mess.
ME:   .........don't say it, don't say it, don't say it!


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