Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sophia Found Her Thrills on Blueberry Hill....

Image: "The Blueberry House in the Tickle" Cara & Pam

On Sunday I took a break from the craziness of painting yaffles of things at once  and went blueberry picking with Sophia. Big mistake. HUGE. I only needed enough berries to make my MuMu's Finnish Blueberry Tart but Sophia picked much faster than I did. She picked enough to make 3, maybe even 4 pies. Yep.....4 pies and at least 6 dozen blueberry muffins. Sophia picked blueberries faster than Peter Piper ever picked pickled peppers.
By the time I realized that almost all of our berries blue were happily swimming around in the Bad Goats tummy it was too late. I only had enough picked to make half a tart. So half a tart I made.
ME: Would you like Finnish Tart?
HER: Well, are you done?
ME: What? Yes, it is cooked!
She takes the whole pan and fork and heads off with it.
ME: What are you doing?
HER: You said I could finish the tart!
I quickly remove it from Her tart-loving grasp.
ME: Nice try.
Image: Sophia wouldn't say no to 5 million blueberries.

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Avalon Painter said...

Absolutely love all of your tasty colours! It's like candy for the eyes. Keep up the good work!