Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Bleat!

Image: Sophia and Stanley have been up to no good trying to scare everyone with their Halloween tricks....Stanley seems exhausted from holding the flashlight.

Image: Rose wanted to dress up as BooBoo but BooBoo refused to loan Rose her red high heeled shoes.

Image: "Martha - The Bonavista Sheep" by Cara Kansala * Oil on Canvas

Happy Halloween!
Every year we get 3 or 4 trick or treaters - tops.
Every year, She buys the 4000 box of assorted miniature chocolate logs and squares.
Just in case.
I was up in the Goat house painting when an alarm went off on one of Her assorted machines. I followed the beeping until I saw that the phone screen was flashing a message...Dentist-Cleaning-11:30am.
It was for Her....SHE had forgotten!
I low-tailed it through the garden, waved to the goats and dodged into the kitchen to find Her up to Her armpits in wee, yellow candy bar wrappers - teeth full of what could only be the peanuts from at least 7000 shells.
Me: You have to go to the dentist!!! NOW!!!!
HER: That's a bit dramatic!
It sounded more like "phafts ah bid drahmathic" because of the 300 mini bars in her gob.
Me: NO! Look! The machine says you have the appointment! Now!
HER: Oh Henry!
...and She rushed off to clean Her teeth before the teeth cleaning.
....and She went to the dentist on Halloween day.
Oh Henry! Indeed.

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