Thursday, November 1, 2012


Do you need to send a gift to Alberta or Timmins or Tim-Buck-Two?
Hooray! Hoorah! We'll ship it for YOU!

From November 1st until December 20th we are offering FREE SHIPPING AND GIFT WRAPPING on everything in our online store! HOORAY!!!

The Grumpy Goat Gallery Online Store! At check-out enter discount code: ship my goat

Images: BooBoo and Lily had been in charge of the Free Gift Wrapping station until the unfortunate "Tongue Stuck on  Glue Stick" incident. Foofi tried to kiss it better but BooBoo got jealous and started running with the scissors. We had to shut them down.
SHE and I will be in charge of wrapping from now on. (Unless I also have an incident with a glue-stick)

WOW! We had such an amazing response to the online store the first month it was open! Than you SO much to everyone who made a purchase and gave us a chance......we hope you like your goat!

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