Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board!

To all of our friends, customers and clients - thank you for making 2012 the Best Year Since Time Began! I so appreciate you sharing your comments, laughter and stories with is nice to know that I am not alone in the world with my spills, clumsies and faux paws!
 We here, at The Grumpy Goat had so much fun creating custom pieces, pet portraits, wedding gifts and birthday surprises for those of you who chose to gift a Grumpy Goat gift! To everyone who shopped at and supported our new online store, thanks a squidillion for your support and to friends who are able to come out to the gallery in person, we can't wait to see you when we re-open in June, 2013. 
What's up for 2013?
Lots of people have asked for it, so here it comes.....
The Official Naked Nan Calendar - 2014
(Nan is pretty impressed with herself and has said she'll even sign a few copies if she ever gets rid of the tendonitis she got while competing in  The 2012 Crochet Olympics)
Also, there will be lots of new originals available soon through the store and all kinds of new paintings done in canvas reproduction!
We're back to the drawing board and the paint is flying!

 Image: Private Christmas commission, 2012 by Cara & Pam

 Image: "The Kitty City Bakery" private commission, hand-painted floorcloth by Cara

 Image: "Just Before the Storm" (Oil on Canvas by Cara Kansala) in its new home!

Image: Sophia and Rose contemplating New Years Resolutions. They've decided not to butt heads on every issue if we promise to give them a bigger window with a better view.

Image: "The Holy Goats of Bishop's Cove" (Oil on Canvas by Cara Kansala) and its happy, new owner!

Hooray for everyone! Wishing good luck, good health and lots of laughter for you and yours in 2013!

From: Cara, Pam, Rosie, Sophia, Stanley, Blanche, Big Fat BooBoo, Nana, Foofi, Brother Bear, Lily, Vincenzo, Liza Minnelli, Popeye, Fat Aunt Sylvia, Itchy, Scratchy, PJ Tips, Pumpkin, Boris and the birds of Grumpy Goat Garden.

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