Saturday, January 2, 2010

So Many Booboos, So Little Peroxide.

I had a few orders for "Scarfickles" this year and made 5 others for gifts. I really don't know if I should go on with these felting projects as they are proving to be quite risky indeed! I used to do a lot of felting when I was a wee girl of 18 and don't recall so many injuries, accidents and curse words!

Just since November, I have gone through 2 boxes of Nexcare bandaids(Dora the Explorer and Winnie the Pooh), had a fight with HER about NOT getting a tetanus shot, scalded my hands in boiling water and dyed my mothers good tablecloth ugly, ugly red. (Yes, that is a real colour).

Perhaps I should just stick to painting and woodenly things that don't require barbed needles and boiling water. Perhaps I should, but I won't. If you are ever at emerge, I'll be the one with the felting needle sticking out of my thigh as my jaw locks. No comments, please.

Photo: Orange Scarfickle "Alison's Rainbow"

Green Scarfickle"Spring is Here!"
P.S. Some of the yarn used in my scarfickles is from Island Sweet...the most magical yarn in the universe!!!!


islandsweet said...

i think they are wonderful and definitely worth the pain!

Brenda Stratton said...

Why are you felting with a needle when there is a less painful method of making those lovely objects? Write to me and I will tell you all my secrets. Brenda