Friday, January 8, 2010

Cats and Oil Don't Mix!

I have started painting with water-soluble oils. I love it! I am like a maniac and can't stop. So different from acrylics. I have done 6 new paintings since Christmas, but will have to take a break from the joy to start a few "real" projects that have actual deadlines.

She is not happy to have given me the gift of oils. Though they are less toxic and clean up with soap and water, they are just as difficult to remove from cats. The fact that they take days/weeks to dry is worse. Having huge, wet, oily pictures everywhere is proving to be quite messy! The paintings change every day because I keep wiping my finger across them to see if they are dry. It is all GREAT!!!

Photo: "Full Moon Over Kyres Cove"

Oil on Wood Panel by Cara

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