Monday, January 4, 2010

If It's Ugly, Does it Cost Less?

We had a call today from a man who wanted to order one of our "Not so Ugly" ugly sticks. He wondered if he could have his at a discounted price if he ordered one that WAS ugly. After I made sure he wasn't pulling my leg, I explained that it would be just as much work to make an ugly one as a not so ugly one. He decided that he WOULD like to order one, but since they were the same price he would like one that wasn't so ugly. I had to take 2 Tylenol. Extra strength.
For anyone who doesn't know what an ugly stick is, they are home made, musical instruments used in Newfoundland. Usually, they are made from broom or mop handles and have an old shoe or rubber boot at the bottom. Different things from around the house are attached so that when you hit the stick on the floor it makes a loud noisy noise. Our ugly sticks are made from carved birch trees, have big honky horns, hammered metal spoons and all kinds of nifty things.
Photo: "Honking in the Loveshack"
Custom order ......Not so Ugly Ugly Stick by Cara & Pam

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