Monday, July 12, 2010

You, Light Up My Lemons.....

I have mentioned before that our kitchen sports an Italian lemon grove. There are painted lemon trees, quirky red birds and lemons everywhere. We also have paper mache lemons hanging from the ceiling. In the past 2 months, several people have asked if the lemons "light up". Really? Wouldn't that be a bit much.....slightly over the top...perhaps, dare I say, tacky? Some of the people who have asked have been on the conservative side of the street. This all leads me to think that the obvious thing WOULD be to electrify the lemons. Should they have regular lightbulbs or yellow? Perhaps those of you who have asked for the electric lemons could write to me with your suggestions.... it is, after all, quite beyond me!!!
Image: A Fine Afternoon For Gulliver by Cara Kansala

Lemony Ceiling PRE-Electrification

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