Friday, December 17, 2010

I Come By it Naturally....

Cooking! Baking! Gift Wrapping! Painting! Decking The Halls! So many things to do in such a short time and my elbow has gone wonky. Good thing I come from a LONG line of Cuckoo birds. A close relative told me that the best thing for my elbow was WD 40. mean A535, I said.
Nope! said Cuckoo....WD40, the all-purpose lubricant for squeaky doors, machines, etc.
Haha! I said, you MUST mean Rub A535.
NOPE! said Cuckoo, I am serious. Just try it. It WORKS!
As much as I trust and respect said relative, I think I shall give her nugget of medical advice a miss.
It's not all crazy Finnish Mummu used to wear raw, cut potatoes in a knee-high pantyhose tied around her head to draw out a headache. This, in fact, does work. As the headache goes away, you change the potatoes for new ones. I've tried fact, I am doing it right this very minute and my headache has disappeared. SHE is not going to be happy when she finds out there are no potatoes for her dinner but at least if she yells at me, my head won't hurt!!!!

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LoriW said...

Awwww! I wants me a Finnish Mummu for Christmas!