Friday, January 14, 2011

Wave Over Wave

This afternoon, She kidnapped me away from my easel and we poodled over to Brigus to see the sites and take in some fresh air. Gorgeous! When we got back home, the waves in front of the house were perfection....colours changing from one second to another....aqua,turquoise, teal and indigo blues. I was so excited by the size and the colours, I nearly ended up getting swept away...I forget how powerful and unpredictable the waves here can be. Needless to say, She took away my camera and I am not allowed to go down to the beach unless supervised. Ahh, yet another rule to add to The List. Good thing though, The List doesn't get bigger, it just changes. I am happy to announce that until I have a Very Bad Accident, I am now allowed to use both the power drill AND the staple gun (if supervised).

Image: "Brigus Moon" by Cara Kansala
Framed, original, acrylic on canvas 12 x 16

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