Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have only one rule. One. No cats, dogs or birds in my work studio. This rule is all I have. I cling to it like a chubby kid clings to his last Halloween candy. The Wee Italian figured out how to unhook the latch that opens the door. All five cats on my desk. Playing scrabble. Making crafts.
They thought it was a funny game when we were trying to herd them out. Played pick up sticks with open paint bottles.
SHE said I should not leave my paint bottles open. REALLY?
I will stop at the travel agent on my way to the hardware store to buy a "Wee Italian proof" door latch.
A new door latch and a one way ticket to The Outer Hebrides.
That is all I need.


LoriW said...

I acknowledge crimes were committed but the photos (re: evidence) are beautiful.

Susan said...

Agreed: spectacular photos!

Anonymous said...

Our last cat was notorious for opening things he shouldn't have been able to. My recommendation is to get something you can lock; nothing else is going to work...

Renovations Raleigh NC said...

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Anonymous said...

I have had recent "exchanges" with the small furry fiend about whether felines are allowed in the dye studio. I say, "no." He says, "Yes, and what's more, I can walk through walls and open doors." Then he proves it and I grab for the VIM. Sigh.