Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm Leavin', On a Jet Plane...Don't Know When I'll be Back Again....

Above: "Jig Your Way Out To Sea, My Love" oil on canvas by Cara Kansala
A lovely dory boat, the wide open ocean, a lunch box and solitude....sounds good to ME!

Below: Signore Spaghetti Sings the Blues
Last Friday, the Wee Italian went from being a Tenor to a Castrato. He has not stopped "SINGING" since he woke up from the operation. I am not sure if he is pleased with his new voice or is in complete shock and horror at the bits he found missing while giving himself his morning bath. I am beyond. I have never had a vocal cat before. He sits on my shoulder while I am painting and "sings". SHE says he is happy. SHE thinks it is sweet. Earplugs? Earmuffs? Earphones. I have convinced Her that, clearly, I will need new earphones. And a new ipod. And an extended vacation to the Outer Hebrides. SHE can stay here and listen to the Wee Italian sing his operas, dig up the plants and chew up my paint brush handles.
I am heading for the hills!

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DanielleH said...

He is so gorgeous that I could forgive him almost anything! lol It would depend though on what time he starts these vocal exercises in the AM... :)