Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feed a Fever, Feed a Cold?

Gretel Guarding Her Tribe of "Forest Turtles" During Our Walk
Vikings and Anvils and Puffins, oh my! I am currently working on a project for the Parks Canada, L'Anse aux Meadow site and am having a great time learning all about Vikings. My contract is to  create the illustrations for an activity/colouring book and I am loving it. It is VERY weird not using my paints and every colour in the rainbow, but I found my best pencils and markers and am plodding along quite happily. SHE is busy carving stacks of work for me to paint when I am done and is nursing the bed ridden friends.

" thanks...the tin is a built-in bowl.NomNomNom"
The Wee Italian is still having trouble with the language and misunderstood the phrase "Feed a fever, Starve a cold" as "Feed a fever, Feed a Cold" . He has been eating us out of house and home...we don't even have time to get the food out of the tins. Mio Dio! Lily and BooBoo will hopefully be coming home from the hospital tomorrow. SHE is busy blowing up balloons and making signs for their homecoming. You think I am kidding. Nope.


LoriW said...

I hope everyone is on the mend. Poor wee rascals :)

The L'Anse aux Meadows project sounds fun! The kitchen looks great!

Gretel is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I heard about your new project - VERY cool! Funny.... Last week Sophie, Benjamin and Oliver did their weekly presentations on the Vikings settling in L'Anse aux Meadows. Did you know that the word, "viking", was originally a verb which described the action of seafaring? And did you know that the one and only viking helmet ever found didn't have horns? The random stuff I learn from my kids....

Looking forward to seeing the mural installed! Love your work, as always, and love you both! xoxo


LoriW said...

Gretel, I just wanted to say again how beautiful you are and how much I like it when your coat is all floofy. I realize summer is coming and the shears may come out, and your coat may become scant in areas, but I will think you beautiful just the same.