Saturday, July 9, 2011

Juggling Icecream IS a Skill.....

"Marc Cha-gull" by Cara & Pam * Mixed Media on Wood (This is one of my favourite pieces that we've done!)

Last night was the Best Night Ever Since Time Began! We took Senior Squissage to Bistro Sophia's for a gorgeous dinner and then to Cirque Du Soleil "Quidam" It was FABULOUS! I wanted to join right in. How I LOVE it! When we got home SHE made little bowls of fruit and sherbet for us and we sat out, had our treat and watched the stars. I was going on and on about how I would have loved to join the circus as a clown or singer/performer when I was little and was so enthusiastic I flung my fruit bowl right into the sky. Amazingly, I caught my scoop of ice cream in my bowl before it hit the deck.
SHE was very impressed and said..
"Well, you might be too old to join Quidam, but you could start your own circus for strange 30 somethings and call it the "Cirque Du Sorbet...."
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P.S. After some research, I discovered that Toogood Arm is just around the corner from Insufficient Island and about 5 km from NotQuiteUpToPar Bay.

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Julie said...

Hi Cara

Yes, I got your message through my blog. I would be very honored to do an adaption of your art work. I love your blog and will highlight my/our design in upcoming posts!

Thanks again

Julie Mosgrove