Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't Fence Me In........

New painting studio foundation overlooking Rose Cottage!

Rose Nylund's First Steps
I haven't written all week because I have been very busy teaching Rose Nylund to walk upright. I have also  been helping HER mix 46 bags of cement for my new painting studio/fairy house! SHE is calling it "Cara's Barn" as it overlooks Rose Cottage. She has also threatened to make me a pen similar to Rose's with a gate and a lock, just like Rose's. I have taken great offense to this as I considered myself to be a terrific help with the mixification of all that cement. She said that there was more cement on my shoes and pant legs than in the foundation holes. I told HER that it is impossible to mix so much cement without getting mucky. She pointed at her own shoes and pants (clean at the time). Five minutes later I left my shovel in a "not very clever spot", She stepped on the end, tripped, caught Herself on the mixer and ended up with cement all over Her clothes and shoes. "See," I said, as I ran towards the house laughing, "impossible NOT to get covered in cement!"

* Note: I say I "ran" towards the house, but it was more of a slow hobble. I WAS covered in dry, hard cement, after all.

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