Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Again, Home AGAIN, Jiggedy Jig!

Could you ask for a more beautiful place to work?
Grenfell Cottage, Battle Harbour 
Battle Harbour sunset from  the cottage we were staying in.
Wow! Home again after the most amazing adventure since time began! We traveled over 2500km and explored some of the most beautiful parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. We had a magical time in Battle Harbour and I can't wait to write all about it and share our photographs. We were even dropped off on an abandoned island for an afternoon and fed a family of arctic foxes! Rose wanted to bring one of the babies home in her bag but I explained that they might not get along very well once the fox got older.....
Thank you so very much to the wonderful people on Battle Island who made our stay so amazing and to the friends who came with us and others we met along the way. Truly fantastic! 
(SHE did all of the driving and I was the DJ. She did not inspect my play lists before we departed and almost strangled me as I tortured Her with Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow (I am a fan-ilow), Cool and the Gang, Abba and Wham. WHAT? "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" is a classic. Isn't it?
Caribou Island...This family of arctic foxes lives in an abandoned school house.
SHE just inspected my blog before I published and informed me that there is NO such thing as a "cloven of foxen".  HHmph. I thought it was 1 fox, 2 foxes, 3 foxen, then cloven of foxen. I am shocked. Also, I apologize to all of my ESL students in the Czech Republic who may or may not be walking around talking about clovens of foxen. SHE says I am mixed up because a woman fox is called a "vixen". I COULD claim this to be the cause of my confusion but I did not know that. I thought a vixen was a kind of snake. I should probably stick to painting and stay away from English teaching. To quote Manuel from Fawlty Towers "I CAN Speak English, I learned it from a boook!"


elsie said...

love your stories...makes my day!

Jude LeMoine said...

No driving for Rose, eh? I thought she might have managed the straight bits on the Northern Peninsula...
Glad you're home safe and sound. Looking forward to the stories and pictures.