Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Few Notes on Loving Goats.......

"For So Many Moons I've Loved You"
Hand-Carved, Mixed Media by Cara &Pam (sold)

I love my goat Rose and she loves me. She often stands outside my studio door and watches me while I paint. Sometimes she pushes her goaty nose against the window and makes nose drawings. Almost daily,  she dances a goaty jig up and down the stairs which makes me laugh and then eats my prized pine tree knowing that I couldn't possible get cross with such a comedian. In a month or so it will be her first birthday and I honestly can't remember what life was like before Rose. She has become the main attraction in many of my pieces and pops up almost as often as Papa Luigi, my so-very-squishy marmelade cat.
I must have had a goat-shaped hole in my heart.
SHE pretends that Rose is a bit of a pain and that Rosie is MY goat. She says that SHE never wanted a goat in the first place. I know differently. I might have been "The Skipper" but She was Gilligan and signed up for that three hour tour. I often hear HER singing in the back garden. Lovely little goat songs that only Rose would understand. And when She thinks I'm not looking, She dances with Rose and plays tag and IT and hide and go seek. Secrets are shared. It seems to me, that She also had a goat-shaped hole in Her heart. She just didn't know it.
(I am now trying to convince Her that I also have a rabbit-shaped hole, a sheep-shaped hole and two chicken-shaped holes in my heart. SHE says that THAT ship just isn't going to sail.)
I wonder if She would settle for filling the Red-Shoe-shaped hole in my heart instead?


Lienkie said...

:) so cute

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Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi There!

I've just "pinned" your painting of "For So Many Moons I've Loved You.", on my Pinterest Board.

Hope you don't mind. *s*

LOVE reading your blogs, BTW!!!

Rosa Robichaud
Saint John, NB