Monday, February 20, 2012

Finding My Joy...................

"While Uncle Jack Was Jigging...." by Cara Kansala * Acrylic on Canvas 
Happy in its new home. Thank you R and P for sending the photograph.
I have a squishy heart. That's what SHE calls it. A soft, squishy heart that very easily gets broken but luckily, mends and grows strong again in no time at all.
Often times, I get  attached to my paintings. Probably because they are based on places I have traveled with friends, happy memories or stories I have been told by darling people I have met along the way. My paintings are a big part of me.They are my JOY. Sometimes, it is hard to let them go. Almost every time one leaves, I fall into a great panic and then get a wee bit sad. I often have a cry. She doesn't mind at all and is always extra nice. She has to remind me that the people who bought the painting were very nice indeed and that they wouldn't have taken it if they didn't love it, too. She tells me the painting will be happy in its new home and  then gives me diet Root Beer with ice and a licorice penny.
Sometimes, I am lucky enough to get a photograph of a painting in it's new home and this always makes me happy.
Today I found a new JOY just down the road and can't wait to get painting. In a magical spot, on the curb of the sea is a lovely little place that keeps goats. Happy goats that smile. Three of the ladies just had kiddies and they were the sweetest things since cinnamon toast. One of them had the biggest ears since time began. I have no doubt that when it gets bigger, it too will smile. What an amazing place this Newfoundland has been for me. Everything I have ever needed is here on this funny island. Oceany air, pinky red skies, friends who love to laugh with me and at me, goats that smile and JOY. An overflowing bucket of joy.



Anonymous said...

Great paintings!!

Anonymous said...

we have the same couch pillows!! Awesome!

- Sandra