Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SHE says I have too much jam......

"Starry Night in Heart's Desire" Hand-Carved, Mixed Media by Cara & Pam
An artist on The Charles Bridge in Prague who called himself "The Devil" and made devilly art. He was the jam for a lot of people's peanut butter!

Being an artist is a funny old business. Selling the things you create to other people sometimes feels even funnier still. I am constantly amazed at the choices people make here in our own little gallery and love to observe people buying art at other galleries, craft shops and street markets.
“I’ll take this! I have just the spot for it!” says a lovely lady who excitedly hands me a 3 foot tall painted cat that is holding a cupcake, wearing high heels and a pink bikini.
Really? I am have just the spot for that? How amazing and perfect- and how very interesting that of all the things there are to choose from, you chose that.
And that is the magic of creating things. No matter what you create - how bizarre, strange, whacky, boring, cock-a-doodle-doo, tiny or massive – someday, someone will come along who needs it.
“They” say that each of us has a soul mate out there- the jam for your peanut butter, the fruit for your loom- and I think that could be true.
  I also think that every piece of art or craft, every painting that is painted and every drawing that is drawn has a soul mate.  When they find each other – magic.  Watching someone spot a piece of artwork that sings to their soul is a wonderful thing to witness. As an artist person, this makes me very happy indeed.
What doesn’t make HER very happy anymore is when I see other artist’s crafts and paintings and magical works that sing to MY soul. It happens a lot. A LOT, and I often inform Her that will possibly die if She doesn’t let me buy the lovely rug hooked mat or that my morning coffee would taste SO much better if I had THIS hand-made mug- I hold it up to show how Her how it fits perfectly in my hand and brings out the blue in my eyes. I haven’t died yet, but I HAVE had all credit cards, cheques and various methods of paying for arts and crafts removed from my pretty wallet. SHE says we have to draw the line somewhere.  I ask, can we draw the line on the boring, white wall you just painted  in the dining room? Ignoring my question, SHE says that the house is filled to the brim and that I should enjoy the soul mates that I have.  (Thank you to various friends who have been gifting me the teeniest, tiniest of arts and crafts.....a 3 mm tall kitten, ½ inch pottery pots! They are tiny but fill up my soul like a bag of puffed wheat left out in the rain!
P.S. If YOU need to fill up your soul with wonderful crafts....hand-hooked rugs, lovely pottery, hand-made jewellery, checks out . You see?  I have had to resort to becoming a pusher.

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Vicky said...

It's called "building your credit rating," not buying stuff! It's very important to build your credit rating and even better when you support craftspeople while doing it!