Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For Sale: $2200 Cat Tree

Short on pedestals, SHE thought it would be a good idea to put my favourite sculpture in the kitchen sitting room.
A letter of thanks from the cats was left on the counter this morning:
Deer Missis Ladee Hoo Lives in hour howse and gives us the foods and digs in our sandbox,
Tank to yoo fur the new toy. It is gud fur jumpin' on and BooBoo got all her nales scrached. I chooed on the roap an' filed my teets on the pretti blu waves. Foofi carrved hees name on it too.
Yoo are a gud ladee. 
Can wee hav sum more foods pleese?
Luv Lily, BooBoo, Bear, Nana and Foofi

1 comment:

Nomadeca said...

I think I:m going to faint! That is my favourite sculpture & I went to look at it so many times when it was in St Johns - & now it has cats crawling all over it???? I feel faint....

However, kudos to SHE who must have built a sturdy sculpture (but I still faint... Where are the smelling salts?)