Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'll Have to Give Away All of my Wooly Socks......

"Prague Sky" by Cara Kansala  -  Prague, the city I lived in when I was "cool".
Yesterday after leaving the hair dresser-beauty-parlour boutique:
ME: WOW! My hair is very cool. I have the coolest hair-do since time began.
HER: Ahh, it is fabulous. I don’t think people call it a “hair-do” anymore and I don’t think people say “cool” anymore either. But it IS an awesome cut.
ME: What people? Who doesn’t say “cool” ?  My hair IS cool...I am too!
HER: Well, my love, I wouldn’t go so far as to say you are cool. That ship might have sailed the day you started putting Benefibre on our cereal, but you ARE very interesting.
ME: NOPE. I am cool. Name 3 things about me that are not cool.
HER: (and I have to say, She answered A LOT faster than I would have expected)
You are wearing pull-on corduroy pants and knee-high pantyhose. Your slippers are in a cloth bag in your lap and you know every word to every Barry Manilow song he ever wrote.  This morning you said “good grief”.
ME: ACTUALLY, I am wearing “Action Pants” and trouser socks....and besides, that’s five things.
HER: Hmm. Can you name five things about you that ARE “cool”?
ME: Well, I can still do the entire rap for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, I make awesome home-made Sangria, I own the complete boxed set of “The Golden Girls”, I can still do my entire dance routine to “Eye of the Tiger” and I can play the ukulele.
HER: WELL, you’ve got me there kiddo. I won’t go so far as to say “COOL”, but you ARE lukewarm.
ME:HMMM. Thanks.
Lukewarm. I guess this afternoon I’ll have to do one of my ABBA routines so She can remember just how cool I am. My only hope is that if I used to be cool and now I am lukewarm, maybe by the time I'm 92, I'll be a hottie!
And at least my hair is groovy. Thank you Dorothy-the-best-hair-fairy-since-time-began for that!
Currently, BooBoo and I have the same Hair-Do. Pink with short-cropped bangs. Very lukewarm indeed!
A flock of very cool birds that landed in my lukewarm trees.


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