Monday, March 12, 2012

Cat-Astrophic Plans at Annual Board Meeting

The seventh annual meeting of "The Crabby Cat Cottage Cat Food Distribution Committee"
In attendance: Fat Aunt Sylvia, Itchy, Scratchy, Pumpkin, Powder Grey, Honey Pie, Liza Manelli
Absent: Queenie, Popeye, Boris Meowsin, Vincenzo, Leo and Snowy
Agenda 2012
* Work on manipulating "The Feeders" who live in the green house into giving us dry AND wet food every day
* Work on getting "The Feeders" to construct 4 new housing units so that we can commence our community growth and development program
*Provide "cutie-pie" training for new members in order to optimize the distribution of Temptations Cat Treats
*Work on negative behavior modification of creature called "Rose" in order to have her removed from the premises for possible take-over of luxury accommodations.

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Lienkie said...

Such a cute post :) Love your way of looking at life...