Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I think a Tennis Bracelet Would Help my Painter's Elbow.......

I just finished a 3 day painting-palooza trying to get caught up with orders and the like. If there is such a thing as Painters Elbow, I've got it! I asked Her if I should get one of those shiny, magnetic, diamond bracelets that people wear when they get tennis elbow. She laughed and said that I was thinking of a "tennis bracelet" which has absolutely nothing to do with "tennis elbow". I still think a shiny bracelet would make me feel better.
 SHE says that I should take the day off and do laundry (this is actually a treat for me, as I am rarely permitted to use the washing machine) so I am having a fabulous afternoon cleaning the clothes and tidying the kitchen though I have to say I am terribly disappointed in our new 'self-cleaning' oven. Clearly, that was just a gimmick to get me to make the purchase. There are no suds, no Jetson arms that come out of the heat vents, no bubbles. It just locked itself up for the entire morning, got so hot we didn't need the wood stove on and still, stubbornly, will not unlock its door. Self-cleaning. I wonder, if I give myself the once-over with the hot hair blower, can I call myself self-cleaning too?
Image: "Mrs. Peddle Shows Us her Drawers 2" Hand-Carved/Mixed Media by Cara & Pam
It was HER birthday last weekend. Our Darling friends and Shaggers gave Her a weekend fit for a king. (A king who is carnivorous!)It was a festival of meat like no other. Terrines and prime rib roasts, barbecued steaks and Yorkshire puddings. SHE was in Her glory and we had the most wonderful fun. Thank you to all for making it such a special birthday.....and Pigeon for the cherry-cake-extraordinaire!
For Her birthday, I gave her the gift of song. 12, never-heard-before custom songs created just for her, sung by me and performed on my air ukulele. After song 7, She asked to see my air ukulele and "accidentally" broke one of the strings. Then She informed me it would take at least a month to get a new one. At least a month? Really?
Nothing Says "Happy Birthday Breakfast-in-Bed" Like Cherry Cake Squirrels!

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