Sunday, April 22, 2012

At Least Lily Had Whale of a Time.....

Anyone who has been to our house knows that our very bad cats are always put away during meals. I also put them away while I am cooking or setting the table. Somehow during last weeks meal prep, Lily snuck out and decided that not only would he like to join us for the meal but wouldn't say no to being the meal. We could have served chicken cat- chattori or cat fish or paw-sta alla Lily. Needless to say, he thought it was very funny that we had to re-set the table with a new cloth and dishes. Perhaps he was thinking that if he made having company difficult we wouldn't do it so often and he'd get to roam free. Instead, I am thinking how one less cat would make things much easier. Easier. SHE wants to get me a Roomba vacuum. Big Fat BooBoo would just use it for transportation between her basket and the food dish and it would just be one more thing I would have to clean cat hair out of. Cat hair. I think I might start taking hair ball control medication. And buy shares in a lint roller company. Yesterday I invented disposable lint roll pants, sweaters and lint roll socks. Reversable lint roll coats for cats might be good too although if you used both at the same time it would be quite a sticky situation. Quite sticky, indeed.

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