Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Am So Hot I Am Freezing.....

It has been gorgeous at The Goat House lately and so hot the paint has been drying before it gets on the canvas. Rose and Blanche saw their first iceberg ever and I almost swam
out to hitch a ride as it drifted out the bay. That's how hot it was. Flip-flops, T-Shirts, Popsicles and sunscreen. That is how hot it has been.
Now the sun is going down and the wind has changed and I have to go and light the wood stove before we die from the freezitation. Ahhh, Newfoundland.

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Julie said...

Hi Pam and Cara

Please stop in my blog to see the finished rug based on your Aunt Bert's Daisy Garden. I hope you like it.