Friday, June 29, 2012

Busier Than a Banana Salesman at a Monkey Convention.....

Early in the morning, Big Fat BooBoo packed away all of her winter clothes and took out her moo-moos, sun visors and Finn Comfort clogs for summer fun.

Around tenish o-clock Nan came for a sitting. (She could only stay the morning as she had the bingo at 1pm and a Coronation Street coffee clutch at 3. (I would like to have joined her as I wouldn't say no to a good tongue wag about Norris Cole and his eejitty ways,  but I had other fish to fry)
New Naked Nans....

Images Above: "Naked Nans" Series #3 by Cara Kansala

In the afternoon I had some customers (Lovely!) and then spent the rest of the noonlies with my friends Krista and Stephanie (sisters extraordinaire!!) Krista loves all things citrus. Orange-YA glad I didn't forget? They visited with Rose and Blanche and brought new fly paper for HER. (I am still friends with them despite this.)

At 3pm I had to fry the other fish.

Image Above: Sterling Silver and Malachite Pendant *One of a Kind by Simon Kerr*
Now Available at The Grumpy Goat Gallery

At 4pm I "OOED" and "AWED" over Simon's new piece in the gallery. SO gorgeous!

Image Above: "Mrs.Peddle Walks to the Post Office to Get Her Mail Every Morning Except on Tuesdays When She Washes Her Only Brassiere and Has to Wait for It to Dry"
Acrylic on Canvas* Cara Kansala

In the evening I did laundry and washed my town clothes....just in case. My town brassiere had a glimpse of the old washing machine, too. 
Then I ate the fish I'd fried. Then I had a banana.
Bath. Pajamas. Beddies!

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Lesley Ann Staples said...

moo-moosin this hot weather is a great idea. fashion be gone I need the breeze. great series!