Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Rent: The Amazing Outdoor Upright Vacuum!

Do you have unsightly annuals that are so bright and colourful you tear up at the beauty they exude and simply can't take the joy any longer?
Have you lost your patience waiting for your vegetables to grow that last inch before picking them for what undoubtedly would have been the best salad since time began?
Do you long for that barren, desolate "winter" look your garden had just a few short months ago when you didn't have to do ugly chores like "cut the grass" or dead head begonias?
WELL, worry no more! For only $5.00 a day ( we have to charge something to build up her self-esteem) you too can rent The Amazing Outdoor Upright Vacuum! It does everything your indoor upright vacuum does and MORE.
It even fertilizes as it goes! No cords or messy vacuum bags to deal with.... just water it, untether it, and watch it go!
To inquire, please call 1-800-Bad-Goats

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Anonymous said...

Send the girls my way!!!!